Articles and Other Writing

Retirement Guardrails: How Proactive Fiduciaries Can Improve Plan Outcomes, Cambridge University Press, June 8, 2023 (with Quinn Curtis)
Languages and future-oriented economic behavior- Experimental evidence for causal effects, PNAS, February 6, 2023 (with Tamar Kricheli Katz and Tali Regev)
Legacy and AccountabilityIowa Law Review, November 21, 2022
Here’s a Different Way to Think About Stock DiversificationWall Street Journal, October 5, 2022 (with Barry Nalebuff)
What can cities do when bad gun laws are hurting the economy?Los Angeles Times, August 11, 2022 (with Fredrick Vars) 
Here’s how states can empower citizens to help combat gun violence, The Washington Post, July 28, 2022 (with Fredrick Vars)
A new no-carry default for the US: A gun law that could really change thingsNew York Daily News, July 20, 2022 (with Fredrick Vars)
How can states limit guns? By protecting the right to peaceably assemble, Los Angeles Times, July 5, 2022 (with Fredrick Vars) 
The case for mandatory gun-liability insuranceThe Washington Post, June 17, 2022 (with Jason Abaluck)
New York’s red-flag law failed in Buffalo. Here’s how to fix it, The Washington Post, May 24, 2022 (with  Fredrick Vars)
Sunsets Are for Suckers: An Experimental Test of Sunset Clauses, 59 Harvard Journal on Legislation 1 (2022) (with Kristen Underhill)
Affirmative Action Still Hasn’t Been Shown to Reduce the Number of Black Lawyers: A Response to Sander, International Review of Law and Economics (November 2021) (with Richard Brooks and Zach Shelley)  
Guns and Property Preference: Testing the Impact of Gilles and Cynicism Conjectures Using Survey Data, 39 Quinnipiac Law Review (2021) (with Pranjal Drall, Spurthi Jonnalagadda and Fredrick Vars) 
Until I’m told otherwise, I prefer to call you ‘they’, The Washington Post, September 15, 2021. 
Consumer Expropriation of Aesthetically Functional Trade Dress: Results from a Randomized Experiment, 93 Southern California Law Review, (February 2021) (with Xiyin Tang) 

Why the Capitol Riot Could Speed Up D.C.’s Path to Statehood, Los Angeles Times (January 25, 2021).

 The Walmart Effect: Testing Private Interventions to Reduce Gun Suicide, 48 Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics (January 2021) (with Zachary Shelley and Fredrick E. Vars) Appendix.
Your Liberty or Your Gun? A Survey of Psychiatrist Understanding of Mental Health ProhibitorsJournal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics (January 2021) (with Cara Newlon and Brian Barnett) Appendix.
Guests with Guns: Public Support for “No Carry” Defaults on Private LandJournal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics, (January 2021) (with Spurthi Jonnalagadda) Appendix
How to Make COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps Work: Insights From Behavioral Economics, SSRN, (September 2020) (with Alessandro Romano and Chiara Sotis) 
Stubbed-Toe CompatibilityBalkinization, July 19, 2022
A Theory of Mandatory Rules: Typology, Policy, and Design, 99 Texas Law Review 283 (2020), Eyal Zamir (featuring Ian Ayres)
Gun Trust as Private Red Flag Law, ABA (July 2020) (with Fredrick Vars) (Audio link)
A lottery test of the effect of dispensaries on emergency room visits in ArizonaHealth Economics (June 2020) (with Gregory Conyers)
Which Democratic Candidate is the Most Electable in the Electoral College?Balkinization (March 2020) (with Zachary Shelley). Data. 

Is Biden or Bernie More Electable?, Los Angeles Times (March 5, 2020) (with Zachary Shelley).

Sunsets Are for Suckers: An Experimental Test of Sunset Clauses, SSRN (February 6, 2020) (with Kristen Underhill & Pranav Bhandarkar).

Weapon of Choice: Fighting Gun Violence While Respecting Gun Rights, Harvard University Press (2020) (with Fred Vars).

Response, One-Legged Contracting, 133 Harv. L. Rev. F. 1-12 (2019) (with Gregory Klass).

Reactive Incentives: Harnessing the Impact of Sunk Opportunity Costs, SSRN (December 26, 2019) (with Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci).

Libertarian Gun Control, 167 University of Pennsylvania Law Review  921 (2019) (with Fredrick Vars). Online Appendix. Data and Code.

Temporary Restraining Order in Connecticut Don’t Always Take Effect; That Needs to ChangeThe Hartford Courant, October 6, 2019 (with Brendan Costello).

Mandatory Rules, SSRN, July 15,2019 (with Eyal Zamir).

The Impact of Law Student Assistance on the Granting and Service of Temporary Restraining Orders53 Connecticut Law Review (2021) (with Brendan Costello & Elizabeth Villarreal). Appendix. Code. DataInteractive Tool.

Guess How Much Cheaper Your Auto Loan Would Be If Dealers Had To Play Fair, The Washington Post, June 26, 2019.

How We Learned to Love the TollThe Hartford Courant, June 14, 2019 (with Steven Berry, Kenneth Gillingham & Barry Nalebuff).

Social Security Plus, 26 Elder Law Journal 261 (2019) (with Jacob Hacker). 

Do Languages Generate Future-Oriented Economic Behavior?SSRN, March 1, 2019 (with Tamar Kricheli-Katz and Tali Regev) Web Appendix.

Theodicy, in BEYOND ONE L (Nancy Levit & Allen Rostron, eds., Carolina Academic Press) (2019). 
Save a Grandma. Get Your Flu ShotLos Angeles Times, Nov. 12, 2018. 
The U.S. Is in a State of Perpetual Minority RuleThe Washington Post, Nov. 8, 2018 (with Daniel Markovits). 
Democrats Need a Plan B for the Supreme Court. Here’s One Option, The Washington Post, July 27, 2018 (with John Fabian Witt). 
The Impact of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs on U.S. Opioid Prescriptions, 46 Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 387 (2018) (with Amen Jalal). 
Targeting Repeat Offender NDAs, 71 Stanford Law Review Online (2018). 
A Gun Control Solution Manufacturers Can Get BehindThe Brookings Institute, March 14, 2018 (with Abraham L. Wickelgren).
A New Way to Reduce Gun Suicides, and Maybe Mass Shootings TooLos Angeles Times, March 12, 2018 (with Fredrick Vars). 
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How a “No Guns” Registry Could Help Prevent Firearm-Related Suicides, The Brookings Institute, June 20, 2017 (with Fredrick Vars).

Extempore 81 University of Chicago Law Review Online (2016)

Using the False Claims Act to Remedy Tax Expenditure Fraud, 66 Duke Law Journal 535 (2016) (with Robert McGuire).

A Market Test for Bayh-Dole Patents, 102 Cornell Law Review 271 (2017) (with Lisa Larrimore Ouellette).

Contracting for Privacy Precaution (and a Laffer Curve for Crime), 45 Journal of Legal Studies 123 (2016).

Voluntary Taxation and Beyond - the Promise of Social-Contracting Voting Mechanisms, 19 American Law & Economics Review 1 (2016). Online Appendix.

Meet Callisto, the Tinder-like Platform that Aims to Fight Sexual Assault, Washington Post, Oct. 9, 2015.

Fix VW’s Polluting Diesels, and Fix the Recall System Too, Los Angeles Times, Sept. 28, 2015.

In Supreme Court redistricting case, it’s the ‘whole number of persons’, LA Times, May 29, 2015 (with Bruce Ackerman).

John Roberts’ Roadmap for Campaign Finance Reform, The Atlantic, May 7, 2015 (with Bruce Ackerman).

Statistical Methods Can Demonstrate Racial Disparity, New York Times, April 27, 2015.

Unhappy Meals: Sex Discrimination in Toy Choice at Mcdonald’s, 21 William & Mary Journal of Women and the Law 237, (2015) (with Antonia Rose Ayres-Brown) (McDonald’s Diversity Letter).

When Whites Get a Free Pass: Research Shows White Privilege is Real, New York Times, February 24, 2015.

The Rule of Probabilities: A Practical Approach for Applying Bayes’ Rule to the Analysis of DNA Evidence 67 Stanford Law Review 1447 (2015) (with Barry Nalebuff).

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Ending Excessive Police Force Starts with New Rules of Engagement, Washington Post, December 25, 2014 (with Daniel Markovitz).

Obama, the Least Lame President?, New York Times, December 22, 2014 (with John Fabian Witt).

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Book Review of The Behavior of Federal Judges: A Theoretical and Empirical Study of Rational Choice. By Lee Epstein, William M. Landes, and Richard A. Posner. Harvard University Press, 2013. JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC LITERATURE, Vol. LII (September 2014)

A Randomized Test of the Effect of Apparent BMI on Assessments of Attractiveness and Likeability (Working Paper 2014) (with Guodong Guo and Antonia Rose Ayres-Brown)

Extreme Time Discounters and Health, Insurance, and Investment Choices (Working Paper 2014) (with Greg Conyers and Darren Segal)

A Randomized Experiment Assessing the Accuracy of Microsoft’s “Bing It On” Challenge Claims, 26 Loyola Law Review 1 (2014) (with Emad Atiq, Sheng Li, Michelle Lu, Christine Tsang & Tom Maher). Data

The No Reading Problem in Consumer Contract Law, 66 Stanford Law Review 545, (2014) (with Alan Schwartz).

Skeletons in the Database: An Early Analysis of the CFPB’s Consumer Complaints, 19 Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law 343, (2014) (with Jeff Lingwall, & Sonia Steinway).

The U.S. hypocrisy over Russia’s anti-gay laws, Washington Post (Jan. 31, 2014) (with William Eskridge).

Canceling the shutdown, playing by the rules, (Oct 4, 2013) (with Bruce Ackerman).

Tops, Bottoms, and Versatiles: What Straight Views of Penetrative Preferences Could Mean for Sexuality Claims Under Price Waterhouse,123 Yale Law Journal 714 (2013) (with Richard Luedeman).

Diversification Across Time, 39 Journal of Portfolio Management 73 (Winter 2013) (with Barry Nalebuff). (Data files available on request). Winner of the Bernstein Fabozzi/Jacobs Levy Outstanding Article Award.

Measuring Fiduciary and Investor Losses in 401(k) Plans (July 15, 2012) 7th Annual Conference on Empirical Studies paper (with Quinn Curtis).

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How the Internet Can Save Journalism, Huffington Post (August 7, 2013) (with Bruce Ackerman).

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How to Hire A Federal Watchdog, Washington Post (June 23, 2011).

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The $500 Diet: Weight Loss for People Who Are Committed to Change (Kindle Select, 2011). Read an Excerpt.

Carrots and Sticks: Unlock the Power of Incentives to Get Things Done (Bantam, 2010).

Testing for Discrimination and the Problem of “Included Variable Bias,” working paper (2010).

Theodicy, 78 UMKC Law Review 1023 ( 2010).

Schwartz Lecture, Never Say No: The Law, Economics and Psychology of Counteroffers, 25 Ohio State Law Review 603 (2010).

Make A Commitment, Why Not? Column: in Forbes (with Barry Nalebuff) (August 30, 2010).

Yet Another Refutation of the More Guns, Less Crime Hypothesis – With Some Help From Moody and Marvell, 6 Econ. J. Watch 35 (2009) (with John Donohue).

More Guns, Less Crime Fails Again: The Latest Evidence from 1977 – 2006, 6 Econ. J. Watch 218 (2009) (with John Donohue).

Evidence from Two Large Field Experiments that Peer Comparison Feedback Can Reduce Residential Energy Usage, 29 Journal of Law, Economics and Organization 992 (2013) (with Sophie Raseman & Alice Shih).

Lifecyle Investing: A New, Safe, and Audacious Way to Improve the Performance of Your Retirement Portfolio (Basic Books, 2010) (with Barry Nalebuff).

Read an Excerpt

Visit the Book website (watch videos, download data and financial calculators)

Despite Court Ruling, Congress Can Still Limit Campaign Finance, Washington Post (Jan. 26, 2010) (with Bruce Ackerman).

A Market Test for Credit Cards, Why Not? Column: in Forbes (with Barry Nalebuff) (June 25, 2009)

Crazy Eddie’s House Sale, Slate(June 1, 2009), (with Daniel Markovits).

Why not nominate vice justices for the Supreme Court?, Los Angeles Times (May 7, 2009) (with Akhil Reed Amar).

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New jingles may be coins in your pocket, Public Radio Commentary for Marketplace (July 21, 2008)

A Study of Racially Disparate Outcomes in the Los Angeles Police Department, prepared for the ACLU of Southern California (October 2008) (with Jonathan Borowsky). Web Appendix (Stata data and do files).

Your Personal Climate Exchange, Why Not? Column: in Forbes (with Barry Nalebuff) (November 24, 2008)

Sell the Conventions, Why Not? Column: in Forbes (with Barry Nalebuff) (Oct. 13, 2008)

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Straightforward: How to Mobilize Heterosexual Support for Gay Rights (Princeton University Press 2005) (with Jennifer Gerarda Brown), featured in New York Times Sunday Magazine The Year in Ideas (Dec. 11, 2005). Buy a copy.

Winner of the 2006 Scribes Book Award “for the best work of legal scholarship published during the previous year.”

Buy a copy.

Encouraging Suggestive Behavior, Harvard Business Review 18 (December 2004), reprint F0412C (with Barry Nalebuff).

The Inclusive Command: Voluntary Integration of Sexual Minorities into the U.S. Military, 103 Michigan Law Review 150 (2004) (with Jennifer Gerarda Brown).

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Optional Law: Real Options in the Structure of Legal Entitlements (University of Chicago Press, 2005). (STATA dataset and do file).

Buy a copy.

More information.

Cellphone Sleuth, Public Radio Commentary for Marketplace (Aug. 20, 2004). 

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Why Not?: How to Use Everyday Ingenuity to Solve Problems Big and Small (Harvard Business School Press 2003) (with Barry Nalebuff). Buy a copy. Also published in Portugese as “Você Pode Tudo” (Negocio Editora), in Spanish as “¿Y por que NO” (Empresa Activa), in Korean (Sejong), in Japanese (Hankyu), in Chinese (The Commercial Press), in Bulgarian (Klasika and Still), in Chinese (China Times), in Estonian (Tanapaev), in Italian (Il Sole), in Korean (Sejong Books), in Russian (Williams Publishing), and in Thai (AR Business Press).

Read the New York Times review: “Daredevil Ideas from the ‘Anti-Dilberts’

Read my high school’s coverage of a Why Not talk: Finding Solutions in Search of Problems

Various Other Reviews

Book Excerpt: Ideas Waiting to Happen, Forbes 127 (Oct. 27 2003) (with Barry Nalebuff).

Book Excerpt: A Role on the Board for the ‘Loyal Opposition,’ Directors & Boards 32 (Fall 2003) (with Barry Nalebuff).

Is Legal Creativity Possible,” Olin Lecutre, University of Michigan Law School (Sept. 11, 2003) (Video clip)

Bloomberg TV Interview (Oct. 25, 2003) (Video clip)

NPR Weekend Edition Interview (Nov. 1, 2003) (Audio clip)

Post Your Own “Why Not” Idea to our webboard for possible inclusion in our next column or see a list of other “Why Not” ideas at Forbes. Read a law school article about the Why Not? project.

Making Ideas Take Flight, Business 2.0 133 (Oct. 2003) (with Barry Nalebuff).

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