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How can states limit guns? By protecting the right to peaceably assembleLos Angeles Times, July 5, 2022 (with Fredrick Vars) 
Which Democratic Candidate is the Most Electable in the Electoral College?Balkinization, March 2020 (with Zachary Shelley). Data
Stubbed-Toe CompatibilityBalkinization, July 19, 2022

Is Biden or Bernie More Electable? We Need More Swing State Polling to Answer ThatLos Angeles Times (March 5, 2020) (with Zachary Shelley).

Temporary Restraining Order in Connecticut Don’t Always Take Effect; That Needs to ChangeThe Hartford Courant, October 6, 2019 (with Brendan Costello).

Guess How Much Cheaper Your Auto Loan Would Be If Dealers Had To Play FairThe Washington Post, June 26, 2019.

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Most New Year’s Resolutions Fail. If You Want Yours to Succeed, Put Some Money Behind ItLos Angeles Times, Jan. 1, 2019. 

Save a Grandma. Get Your Flu ShotLos Angeles Times, Nov. 12, 2018. 

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Drug Users Keep Accidentally Poisoning Themselves. Here’s an Idea to Stop ThemThe Washington Post, Sept. 9, 2018.

Democrats Need a Plan B for the Supreme Court. Here’s One OptionWashington Post, July 27, 2018 (with John Fabian Witt). 

A new way to reduce gun suicides, and maybe mass shootings tooLos Angeles Times, March 12, 2018. (with Fredrick Vars). 

Meet Callisto, the Tinder-like Platform that Aims to Fight Sexual Assault, Washington Post, Oct. 9, 2015.

Fix VW’s Polluting Diesels, and Fix the Recall System Too, Los Angeles Times, Sept. 28, 2015.

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Environmental Atonement 87 in Forbes (with Barry Nalebuff) (Dec. 25, 2006)

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The Hollow Promise: Sexual Orientation Nondiscrimination Policies, 24 Association of Corporate Counsel Docket 48 (Oct. 2006) (with Richard F. Ober, Jr.).

Promises, not policies, Yale Alumni Magazine 32 (Sept./Oct. 2006).

A Way to Stop Pretexting in Forbes (with Barry Nalebuff) (Sept. 11, 2006) (Real Audio).

Easy Savings 146 in Forbes (with Barry Nalebuff) (Sept. 4, 2006)

Give NY’s Poor What They Need Most: A Voice, New York Daily News (August 14, 2006) (with Bruce Ackerman).

How to Strengthen Shareholder Democracy in Forbes (with Barry Nalebuff) (July 6, 2006) (Real Audio).

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Secret Political Donations Can End the Secret Deal, Financial Times 13 (April 27, 2006) (with Bruce Ackerman).

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Better Benchmarking (June 21, 2005) (Real Audio)

Straight, Not Narrow: How Straight Couples Can Support Gay Marriage, New Haven Advocate (June 16, 2005) (with Jennifer Gerarda Brown).

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Going Soft on Microsoft? The EU’s Antitrust Case and Remedy, The Economists’ Voice, Vol. 2: No. 2, Article 4 (2005) http://www.bepress.com/ev/vol2/iss2/art4 (with Barry Nalebuff).

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Cable Bundling (Nov. 19, 2004) (Real Audio).

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TiVo’s survival strategy (June 9, 2004) (Real Audio).

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Benefits of Non-Transparency (Feb. 23, 2004) (Real Audio).

Don’t Sell Us Short 56 in Forbes (with Barry Nalebuff) (Feb. 2, 2004)

Principled Problem Solving: Letting Constraints Filter and Guide Your Thinking Can Often Be the Best Way to Reach Truly Creative Solutions, 14 Scientific American Mind 96 (2004).

System Down: McCain-Feingold Helped Doom the Current Model of Public Financing for Campaigns, Fixing it will Take Some Imagination, The American Prospect On Line (Dec. 12, 2003) (with Bruce Ackerman).

It Beats a CD 160 in Forbes (with Barry Nalebuff) (Dec. 8, 2003)

Who’s Right? (Nov. 10, 2003) (Real Audio).

Why Legislating Low Tuitions for State Colleges is a Mistake: They Just Subsidize the Rich, Writ Findlaw’s Legal Commentary (October 30, 2003) (with Aaron Edlin).

In Praise of Honest Pricing, 45 MIT Sloan Management Review 24 (Fall 2003)(with Barry Nalebuff).

Want to Call Me? Pay Me!, Wall Street Journal A24 (Oct. 8, 2003) (with Barry Nalebuff).

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Making Ideas Take Flight, Business 2.0 133 (Oct. 2003) (with Barry Nalebuff).

Black Boxes for Cars (Sept. 16, 2003) (Real Audio).

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Charity Begins At Schedule A, New York Times, p. A21, col. 1 (April 15, 2003) (with Barry Nalebuff).

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Virtual Strikes (Oct. 4, 2002) (Real Audio).

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Disclosuring’ hidden fees to consumers (Aug. 28, 2002) (Real Audio).

An alternative to expensing stock options (July 24, 2002) (Real Audio).

Campaign Reform’s Worst Enemy, New York Times, p. A19, col. 2 (July 6, 2002) (with Bruce Ackerman).

Opt-Out Advertising in Forbes (with Barry Nalebuff) (June 20, 2002)

Connecticut’s Speeder-Friendly Crackdown, New York Times, p. A19, col. 2 (August 31, 2001) (with Barry Nalebuff).

Should Campaign Donors Be Identified?, 24 Regulation 12 (Summer 2001), excerpted as A Real Solution: Make Donors Anonymous, National Review Online (July 12, 2001).

A Community of Ideas 173 in Forbes (with Barry Nalebuff) (May 9, 2002)

If Telemarketers Paid For Your Time in Forbes (with Barry Nalebuff) (April 15, 2002)

Why Telemarketers Should Pay Us, Hartford Courant, p. A15, col. 3 (May 10, 2001) (with Matthew Funk).

Lectures vs. Laptops, New York Times, p. A25, col. 2 (March 20, 2001).

Monetize Labor Practices, 26 Boston Review 18 (February-March 2001).

Why Prosecute Linda Tripp?, New York Times A17, col. 1 (August 10, 1999).

Remedying Past Discrimination: Following the ‘Anderson’ Model, Los Angeles Times M2, col. 3 (April 26, 1998).

The Donation Booth, 22 Boston Review 26 (December-January 1997-98) (with Jeremy Bulow), reprinted in 47 Yale Law Report 62 (2000) and The News-Gazette, B1 (Sept. 27, 1998).

Breaking Windows: Why the Justice Department Should Go After the Microsoft Monopoly, The New Republic 18 (Nov. 17, 1997).

Car Buying, Made Simpler, New York Times F12 (April 13, 1997) (with Peter Schuck).

Aid Diversity, and the Treasury, New York Times F13 (May 21, 1995) (with Peter Cramton).

Price and Prejudice, The New Republic 30 (July 6, 1992).

Colleges in Collusion, The New Republic 19 (October 16, 1989).