The $500 DIET

The $500 DIET: Weight Loss for People Who Are Committed to Change (Kindle Singles, 2011). Read an Excerpt. Free iTunes Audio Download.

Would you rather lose a pound next week or $500? Most people given the choice would find it pretty easy to take off a pound. This simple insight is the key to a seven-step plan, The $500 Diet, that can guide you to sustained weight loss. Most diet books obsess about what you should put in your mouth. But information is not the problem. You already know that to lose weight you need to eat a bit less or exercise a bit more.
The $500 Diet is a different kind of diet plan, because it doesn’t tell you how much to eat or exercise. You are smart enough—with the help of the Internet and dozens of dieting books—to figure that out. What’s unique about The $500 Diet is that it works on another dimension. It lets you change your own incentives to lose weight. New York Times best-selling author, Ian Ayres, tells you about his own struggles with weight loss, and lays out advice for how you can use commitment contracts to safely lose 10 percent of your body weight. You’ll learn about his seven-step plan to a happier and lighter you. Most important, Ayres tells you what you should do to keep it off. Most diet books are written by physicians and scientists, but Ayres is a contract lawyer and an economist who uses the tools of his crafts to help you change how much you want to eat. If you are serious about losing weight, The $500 Diet provides a simple tool that can help you commit to a healthier life. Kindle Download. Free iTunes Audio Download.

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